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Go Green with Alternative Energy.

Renewable Energy with Wind Turbines and Solar Panels.

Would you like to scale down your dependency on the power supply and lower, or even eliminate, your power bill? How about collecting a check each month for the additional power you produce, yes the electricity company will actually pay you?

What if you could achieve that with professional, step by step, do-it-yourself, instruction and guidance that will give you everything you need to convert your home to renewable, free, energy and help the environment at the same time

We will teach and instruct you how to eliminate your electricity bills with the easy to follow Do It Yourself guide to alternative energy that is environmentally friendly and earth friendly available, anywhere, today.

Environmental Sustainability

Build a 100 Watt Solar Panel for about a $125 for Eco Friendly and Sustainable electricity.

The average price of a Solar Panel is approximately $1125.00.  If you wanted to completely power your whole home it would cost you about $28,000. The whole purpose of these exercises are to go green, not cost us a small fortune trying to do our bit for the environment.

The answer to the above problem is Green Power Easy, your not just getting some E-Book that has been thrown together in 10 minutes, you will be getting a complete easy to follow step by step instruction manual, complete with wiring diagrams and illustrations that tell you in a concise way where to purchase the parts you need and how to put everything together.

Even if you don’t know much about Solar Panels, Wind Turbines or alternative energy, these guides have been produced to show you an easy and cost effective way to produce earth friendly electricity with this green technology for years to come.

This Is What You Will Learn With Green Power Easy.

  • The DIY approach to run your whole home on Alternative Energy.
  • Designing a renewable energy system to suit your electricity needs.
  • Building Solar Panels without blowing the budget.
  • How to build Wind Turbines of 500, 800 and 1500 Watts.
  • How to lessen your dependency on the power companies.
  • Using these alternative energy solutions to live off grid. 
  • How to sell back excess electricity to the power companies.
  • Convert your home and go green with Government Rebates.
  • The easiest step by step guide to renewable and sustainable energy.

Now that you have made the decision to build and install your very own Solar Panels and start living green, these are a few things that you will have to obtain for your small part of living in a pollution free world.

Do It Yourself Solar Energy – The Solar Power Components Solution.

When commencing a solar energy Do It Yourself home transformation project, the first thing people will say is, what steps do I need to take complete the alternative energy conversion?

First thing, you need to obtain a good DIY solar guide, by doing this you will be following a step by step process of setting up your solar energy project. Apart from that, what are the basics you will need to set up your Solar Power Plant.

There are 7 fundamental and major components you will need for the wiring up of a solar energy system for your home. It should be noted here that we’re talking about modifying your home, to run on alternative sustainable energy.

Before installing your home energy solution, you will need to obtain the following components, listed in the order that they will be wired into your solar renewable energy system.

1. Roof Solar Panels – In most DIY projects, these panels will be built by yourself, ordering discounted photovoltaic cells.  You will then assemble these, ready to be placed on the roof, into either 50, 75, or 100 Watt Panels.

2. Array DC Disconnect – This device is really just a switch, allowing you to switch off the DC power from your roof solar panels should you need to do maintenance on the system. This switch should cost you about $25.00.

3. The Charge Controller – The majority of home systems will be included with a battery backup. The charge controller safeguards that a consistent and dependable amount of power goes to the batteries, thus making sure that the batteries do not lose charge at night, this part of the system, won’t be a large expense.

4. Deep Cycle Batteries – If you want to store the power from your roof solar panels, you will need to connect in deep cycle batteries. Reconditioned batteries, are fairly cheap, or get hold of old batteries free and recondition them yourself.

5. The System Meter – This part of the system is really optional, but it is recommended so that you have a clear vision of how much power is being fed into your home from the roof solar panels.

6. The Converter – As your roof solar panels produce DC electricity, and your home runs on AC electricity, the converter makes the solar energy usable in your home. A 1500 Watt converter should not cost you anymore than $50.00.

7. Backup Power – The majority of systems should also include some sort of a backup power system, this could be a portable generator. In a city the power grid itself provides the backup electricity needed.


From this point the system then gets wired into your circuit breaker box. At this stage of the project, you might consider employing a qualified electrician to finish the system installation. So now you now have the concept and design of what you need to get your home running on sustainable solar energy.

Now that you have seen how easy, inexpensive and straight forward converting your home to an eco friendly and sustainable electricity supply is, head over and check out Green Power Easy for all the ways to go green.

Or Would You Prefer A Wind Turbine.

The first thing to check out about before you even start looking at Wind Power, is of course where you live.  Have you got an average wind speed in your area of at least 8 MPH (12.8 KPH) this is thought to be the lowest wind speed, but if you have an average speed of 12 MPH (19.3 KPH) this is ideal.

The following four sites show you the average wind speeds in your area, read them carefully first before you commit to any project.  Keeping all this in mind, you may need to stay with the Solar Power conversion for your home.

If you reside in the USA.



If you reside in Canada.



If you reside in Australia.



If you reside in Europe or the UK.



Moving air as we know it, will give us an infinite and endless supply of what we know as wind, which we can turn into Wind Energy.  Sailing ships have been traveling the worlds oceans, and Windmills have dotted the landscapes for centuries.

With different temperatures around the world at different times, this causes air to expand and contract, convection currents will then flow from the colder regions to the warmer areas, this is what we know as the wind.  The Solar Rays hitting the earth also play a major role in wind strength and speed

Building A Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

Your Guide On Building your very own Vertical Axis Turbine.

With this Wind Power eBook, you will receive the most complete and up to date instructions to teach you how to build wind turbines.

You will be learning how easy it is to take full advantage of wind power, and when you combine this to our other guides you will then have the know how needed to choose the wind power solution that is right for you!

With the Wind Power Book you will then have a clear and concise understanding of building the designs we have included, you will also learn how to modify those designs to suit your specific location.

You will also learn:-

  • What is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.
  • Why choose this design over a more traditional turbine.
  • How to build a frame to support your Generator and Blades.
  • The different blade designs.
  • Other considerations before building your Vertical Axis Turbine.

Why Should I Purchase Green Power Easy Right Now.

  1. Because It Works. Green Power Easy has become the biggest and most comprehensive guide to alternative sustainable energy, simply as that.
  2. Reducing Your Power Bill. One roof solar panel or wind turbine can be enough to lower you energy bill. With DIY alternative energy projects you can power anything you want, your home, your garage, or even your RV.
  3. You Can Phase Out Your Power Bill. The Green Power Easy guide gives you all of the information you need to convert your entire home over to renewable energy. You wont find this in any other alternative energy guide.
  4. Save Money. Choosing to manufacture and build roof solar panels and wind turbines by yourself you will save you $1000’sover the cost of buying them commercially.
  5. Free Instructional Videos. By joining now, we are including our solar panel videos & our video library.
  6. Your Memberships Pays Over And Over. By building just one solar panel, your membership pays for itself. Build another one, it pays for itself again. A Green Power Easy membership will repay you over and over again!
  7. Help Save Our Planet With Sustainable Renewable Energy. Choosing solar energy or wind power you are doing your small part in reducing polluting our planet.
  8. Enjoying your ”Do It Yourself” Building Project. Building your own solar panels and wind turbines is satisfying and worthwhile, and everyone likes to save money on the way.
  9. Updates For Life. We call you, our members for a reason. Your one-time-only membership subscription includes 24/7 email support, and updates to our guides and information for life!
  10. Satisfaction Guaranteed.  With Green Power Easy, if you don’t absolutely love what we have to offer, it’s free! You have a full 60 days to determine if our guides are right for you. If you are not happy, you get your money back. No Questions Asked!

If you want to play your part and do your bit to help, head over to Green Power Easy for all the solutions you need to Go Green, with Renewable, Sustainable and Eco Friendly Power Supplies.


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