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Who Wants Environmentally Friendly


Free Electricity.


Nothing in this world is FREE, but if you are the person with an environmental awareness of everything that is happening in this world, this device bought about by the genius of Nikola Tesla could be what you are looking for.

How is it possible to get ”FREE ELECTRICITY”

Tesla looked at the sun as a huge ball of electricity, positively charged with a potential of approximately 200 billion volts.

The earth, as we know it, is charged with negative electricity. The enormous electrical force between these two bodies constituted, partly, what he called cosmic energy. It changed daily and from season to season but it is always there.

The particles that are charged positively, are stopped at the ionosphere, Tesla deduced that between it and the negative charges in the ground, there is a massive variation of voltage – something in the range of 360,000 volts. A large amount of sustainable energy is trapped between the ground and the borders of space.

Despite the enormous size of planet earth, it is electrically charged like a capacitor. Keeping positive and negative charges separated by using the air as an insulator.

Tesla was a man of many talents.  With his Energy Generator, Tesla was convinced he could supply everyone with free electricity, saying that it is here, present on the Earth, so why should you have to pay for it.  Nikola Tesla was asked by a group at the top of their industries to draw up a design for his Free Energy Generator, and present the drawings to them.

Nikola Tesla Secret

Environmentally Sustainable,

Original drawings for the Tesla AC Electric Generator, in 1888

Tesla’s enthusiasm and forethought got the better of him, and virtually bought him down, when instead of Plans and Drawings, he actually presented an actual working model of his generator. This did not go down well with the money men who thought all this was going to interrupt their wealth building.  All his plans, designs and models were all confiscated, and all his funding for research and development were cut off, and he was demonized as the scourge of the scientific world.

Although Tesla held hundreds of patents for his ideas and inventions, his name was removed from all the scientific world books about electricity, physics and the latest technologies.

We would all like to live in Utopia, with fresh clean air and no pollution, but in this day and age with populations expanding and our need to produce material things. it seems to be getting harder all the time to control all this.

I do believe we all have to do our part and try as hard as possible to go green, and be as environmentally friendly to planet earth as possible.  There are lots of alternative green energy devices being developed with the technology available to us, and we can gain small steps by trying new ideas like the Tesla Generator.

If I have convinced you that the Tesla Generator is the way you can help the environment in a small way, and you decide to purchase the, you will also receive the following bonus’s COMPLETELY FREE.

Sustainable Energy from MagnetsBonus Number One.

This step by step program will explain how to generate electricity with the power of magnets with this unheard of environmentally technology.



Sustainable Energy from your phone.Bonus Number Two.

You can make electricity from your telephone line.  This program will explain to you how to get free electricity that you are paying for anyway, and earth friendly.



Rewnewable and Sustainable Green EnergyBonus Number Three

This is a step by step guide to building your own Eco Friendly and totally sustainable Wind Turbines and Solar Panels.  This guide will save you $1000’s of dollars.




Eco Friendly and Environmentally Green LivingBonus Number Four.

This is a guide to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in your daily routine.  These are just small baby steps you can take to help our environment cope with the future.




Sustainable Long Term Green EnergyBonus Number Five.

Are these Gas Saving Gadgets worth their while. Do they work, check all this fuel additive, magnetic devices and air injection stuff out in this guide.




Which vehicles are the best fuel efficient.Bonus Number Six.

There are so many fuel efficient vehicles in the world today. We have Bio-Diesel, Electric Hybrids, you will read about Scooters, Motorcycles and Mopeds and their efficiency.


And Remember, when you purchase Nikola Tesla Secret, if you are not able to reduce your monthly electricity account and you are not completely satisfied, there is a 60 Day, No Questions asked Guarantee on this product.

If your quest now is to become environmentally friendly, and want to go green, this is the start of small steps, so head over and download Nikola Tesla Secret, you will not be disappointed.

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